The Alberta SOGI
Educator Network


Change will come if we work together.

A committee of experts cannot bring change. Change will come from a community of educators trying, learning, failing, and succeeding together.



2018 - 2019 Membership


Six Districts and Growing!

The SOGI Educator Network formally launched in Alberta with three school districts in 2016/2017.

This year, SOGI 1 2 3 is working with six school districts to enhance the SOGI Educator Network as an innovative pilot project:

Edmonton Public School Board, St. Albert Public Schools, Sturgeon Public Schools, Red Deer Public School District, Elk Island Public Schools and Aspen View Public School Division.


“We are proud to be building a community of practice.”

Barry Wowk, Superintendent of Schools, St. Albert Public Schools



About the Network

The AB SOGI Educator Network brings together Alberta educators interested in SOGI-inclusive education.

It enables these educators to meet, share resources, co-design programs, and collectively overcome obstacles within and across public school districts, catholic school districts, independent schools and First Nations schools. Members in public school districts gain access to an expansive collection of emerging SOGI tools to test and evolve with their schools. Key tools are then shared with all members as the SOGI Educator Toolkit.

Educators join the network within one of the following roles:

SOGI DISTRICT LEAD (for school districts)
This position is appointed centrally by district leadership and is usually filled by one or two educators. The District Leads raise awareness of SOGI within their districts by developing district-wide initiatives and recruiting, training, and supporting School Leads. District Leads typically have dedicated hours for this role, attend regular network meetings, and are usually a teacher, administrator, counsellor, district principal, or other district role.

SOGI District Lead Role Description

Any Alberta educator in a school district, independent school or First Nations school can self-identify as a School Lead. The School Leads raise awareness of SOGI within their schools by sharing, implementing, and developing SOGI-inclusive practices and initiatives. School Leads can be teachers, administrators, teacher-librarians, counsellors, or any other staff role in a school.

SOGI School Lead Role Description

SOGI 1 2 3 is working with select school boards, independent schools and First Nations schools in 2018/2019.


“Support and resources from the Network allows us to overcome challenges with ease and continue to improve our inclusive practices”

Amy Kutchawry, SOGI District Lead, Aspen View Public Schools


3 Ways to Act Now

If your district is not participating in the Network this year, you can still be part of a network of change.

1. Stay informed: Subscribe to our newsletter to hear SOGI updates and to learn when new resources are added to this website (sign-up at the bottom of the page).

2. Share resources: Even if you are not yet a network member, you can share your SOGI resources with others. Email us to share your resources with the network and/or on this website.

3. Inspire others: You don’t have to be an expert to inspire others. You just have to make an effort. Decide on the next thing you will do to create change in your classroom or school.


“We have more than 180 SOGI School Leads that support staff and students.” 

Marlene Hanson, MSc., Director, Diversity Education and Comprehensive School Health, Inclusive Learning Services, Edmonton Public Schools