What's happening in Alberta?


Alberta is in Year 3 of SOGI 1 2 3.


There are currently six districts participating in the Alberta SOGI Educator Network.


Alberta resources are now available for educators on this site, click here to learn more.


We are currently working with six school districts in the Edmonton area who are participating in the Alberta SOGI Educator Network.




We are closing the gap between ideas and action.

SOGI 1 2 3 is designed to address the gap between educators reporting high-level support of SOGI-inclusive education and lower level participation in SOGI-inclusive activities due to feeling that they do not have the appropriate skills, training, or support. 


A Western Canada Partnership

SOGI 1 2 3 launched in Alberta in 2017/18.

Thank you to The Stollery Charitable Foundation for making this Western Canada partnership possible. We would also like to express our gratitude for the guidance and support from education and community leaders that informed the introduction of SOGI 1 2 3 to Alberta.

ARC Foundation is pleased to have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Alberta Teachers’ Association to formalize their support for SOGI 1 2 3. We would also like to thank The Stollery Charitable Foundation, Edmonton Community Foundation and Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund for funding further provincial education leadership activities and inclusive curriculum resource development.

Tools and resources for Alberta educators will grow and evolve as participation and support increases. We are actively looking to partner with other like-minded individuals and organizations who support our vision of expanding the tools, resources, and professional development opportunities available to educators in Alberta.

Contact us about collaboration.




SOGI-Inclusive School Policies

Red Deer Public Schools

Red Deer Public Schools is working towards a SOGI-inclusive environment through the support of district and school administration. Being in the fourth year of their inclusive education plan, the district has come a long way, as all schools now have SOGI-inclusive policies that increase the capacity for all staff to support every student. 


Rural School District Participation

Aspen View Public Schools

Aspen View Public Schools have been actively working to grow their network of SOGI School Leads, all of whom are new to the role in 2018-19. As a rural school district new to the network, they look forward to continuing the work to make sure all students feel safe, welcomed, and reflected in their education. 


Celebrating Family Diversity

Elk Island Public Schools

Elk Island Public Schools has been finding ways to practice inclusive education by planning district wide lessons to align with holidays and celebrations during the school year. All schools will have the opportunity to reflect about family diversity on Family Day, February 18, so that all students can feel represented and reflected in their curriculum.


Workshop for SOGI School Leads

St. Albert Public School District

St. Albert Public Schools have facilitated various workshops for SOGI School Leads addressing topics such as the history of heteronormativity in Canada, Decolonization & Settler Sexuality & Indigenous Queer Identities, Looking at lessons with a queer lens, Gender Fluid Kids & Staff Perception. 100% of St. Albert Public Schools have identified a SOGI School Lead that are committed to SOGI-inclusive education.


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SOGI Sessions for Educators

Sturgeon Public School Division

Sturgeon Public School Division in conjunction with Sturgeon ATA Local 27 hosted three SOGI sessions at their district institute day: Inclusive Education Practices, Gay-Straight Alliances, and Provincial SOGI Guidelines. The sessions were well-attended and provided an important professional development opportunity for educators who were new to SOGI education.


Support for GSA Leaders

Edmonton Public School Board

High schools within Edmonton Public School Board will sometimes offer mentorship opportunities to members of junior high Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) in their catchment areas. Junior high GSA leaders are invited to attend leadership conferences and participate in other activities throughout the year to support their transition to high school.