What's happening in Alberta?


Alberta is in Year 1 of SOGI 1 2 3.


There are currently three pilot districts participating in the Alberta SOGI Educator Network.


Participating districts are currently testing resources developed in BC, and we are looking to work with Alberta educators to create resources tailored to the provincial context.


We are currently putting steps in place to begin inviting more districts to join the Alberta SOGI Educator Network.




Support for GSA Leaders

Edmonton Public School Board

High schools within Edmonton Public School Board will sometimes offer mentorship opportunities to members of junior high Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) in their catchment areas. Junior high GSA leaders are invited to attend leadership conferences and participate in other activities throughout the year to support their transition to high school.


SOGI Sessions for Educators

Sturgeon Public School Division

Sturgeon Public School Division in conjunction with Sturgeon ATA Local 27 hosted three SOGI sessions at their district institute day: Inclusive Education Practices, Gay-Straight Alliances, and Provincial SOGI Guidelines. The sessions were well-attended and provided an important professional development opportunity for educators who were new to SOGI education.


Workshop for SOGI School Leads

St. Albert Public School District

St. Albert Public School District held a successful first workshop for SOGI School Leads, all of whom are new to the role in 2017-18. The workshop was successful and was attended by Leads from almost every school in the district, including the district pre-school.


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